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hi Divas!

I"m fairly new to this industry though I used to be in the training business. 

A few months ago I decided to take my own marketing advice and FOCUS - just on the marketing of professional speakers - acting as their agent rather than as a speakers bureau with hundreds if not thousands of speakers. That way, I'd know a few speakers really well but I have connections to all. 

So, I represent a select group of speakers from talented up-and-comers to seasoned professionals, with complimentary topics. I aim to be the go-to resource for meeting professionals for advice and recommendations on matching the right speaker for the right audience to make the learning outcomes guaranteed!

I noted a few men out there too..... can men be divas too?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to being an active member of this group.
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Lovin' your energy, Patti. To answer your your question: You BET men can be divas, altho' the correct usage is divo or divi. Welcome!
hi Terri

Thanks for the enthusiastic welcome.

From what I"m seeing, there are few male in the meeting professionals industry? What do you and why? Attention to detail perhaps is more a feminine skill?
Uh, . . . not going there!


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